The City of Long Beach has projected budget deficits between $10-15 Million a year for the next 3 years.  We face potently $40 Million in deferred maintenance and cuts to city services during that time.  Poor spending decisions by the City Council have made a bad situation worse.  The City Council voted to spend 1.4 Billion Taxpayer Dollars to lease a new City Hall and Main Library over the next 40 years.  The first payment is due next, in 2019, at $19 Million, directly impacting our budget deficit.  The Council voted to increase our sales tax, bringing forward “Measure A”.  Today, Long Beach has the highest sales tax of any city in California at 10.25%.  Now they are trying to do it again with "Measure M". We need city leaders that will reprioritize spending so we can hire more Police Officers and firefighters, fix our streets and maintain our parks. As your Harbor Commissioner, I saved the Port Hundreds of Millions of Dollars by blocking the purchase of the World Trade Center and the  construction of obsolete projects.  The Port just enjoyed a record year and is financially stable.  Our city needs leaders that will think of the taxpayers first.  We need to bring fiscal responsibility back to City Hall.



City leadership has failed the public by allowing our streets and sidewalks to fall into disrepair. Lakewood, a neighboring city to Long Beach, has wonderful streets.  Our city has broken curbs and sidewalks.  Our streets are filled with potholes.  Deferred maintenance and repair has caught up with decision makers.  Measure A, a 1% General Sales Tax increase, has turned out to become a band-aid instead of being the solution we were promised.  We need a sustainable, revenue stream to rebuild our infrastructure.  We are now one of the highest taxed cities in California.  I will bring new revenue to the city without raising taxes.  I will bring creative ideas to fund projects, just as I did serving as your Harbor Commissioner.


Height, density and the updated land use element aka lue.

The City of Long Beach has decided to follow the state and update the Land Use Element across the entire city.  While there may be some wonderful opportunities to redevelop some areas of the city, I don’t support making LUE changes to the 5th District.  Northeast Long Beach is the newest past of the city, with many houses being constructed after WWII.  We should fix what is broken and leave alone what works.  I am against any increase in Height or Density in the 5th District.  Tall buildings do not fit in our suburban neighborhoods.

Some are claiming the fight against the LUE is over, and that we are spared in the 5th district. That is unfortunately not true. There are areas of the 5th that will still be affected by the LUE including regions by the Los Coyotes Diagonal. Even the decision made by the council was not a permanent one, but one that can be brought up again (likely after the election cycle) when the issue may be less contentious, or they may feel they have less direct consequence for their actions. With your support on June 5th, lets make sure you have a representative that will fight to keep increases in height and density out of our district!

Other candidates may claim the same but look at their records.  We need a leader who is consistent and doesn’t “flip-flop” on the issues.

This is a suburban home before density

This is a suburban home before density

This is the same home after

This is the same home after

Public Safety

Contrary to what you may have heard, there has not been a decline in crime in Long Beach. Crime is on the rise, and in our district and the rest of East Long Beach, violent crime is up dramatically. Compared to neighboring cities, large and small, like Los Angeles, Signal Hill, and Lakewood - our police per 1000 resident ratio is way too low. Much of the "gains" in public safety you have heard about have come in increases in billable police hours, and increases to port and metro police. Not police in our neighborhoods and protecting our homes. We need to hire more police officers, restore our gang unit (which was a budget casualty), and increase community policing. The safety of our homes, families, and children need to be a priority. We can't afford to pay the cost of pretending this problem doesn't exist, as current city leaders are


National Issues affecting long beach

We need to call on Congress to protect the programs that deliver health care, security in our retirement and other great and important safety net issues along the lines of AJR8,which was passed by both our State Senate and State Assembly (including voted for by our representative, Patrick O’Donnell) that called for these programs to be both expanded and protected, to guarantee the protections that our citizens have earned and deserve.